Jdbc4Olap overview

Jdbc4Olap is a JDBC Type 4 driver for OLAP datasource, which implements partially JDBC 3.0 specification. It can communicate directly with most of OLAP databases using the XMLA protocol : SAP® BW, Microsoft Analysis Services®, Mondrian...

Furthermore, in order to be widely used, Jdbc4Olap include a SQL-MDX converter and virtual relational map of OLAP databases.

Current release: 1.1

Getting started


Jdbc4Olap driver is available under LGPL v2 license. That means you can use it in your own work, distribute it, modify it freely. Read the license for more informations.

Download it !
  • Open source
  • Based on JDBC standards
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to configure and use
  • Works with the BI tool of your choice


JDBC API is the industry standard for database access. Jdbc4Olap is an open source java driver for OLAP databases having XMLA connector. You can use MDX or SQL to query directly into multi-dimensional cube thanks to its SQL-MDX converter.

MDX, created by Microsoft, is the most widely supported language for querying multidimensional databases. Unfortunatly, very few BI reporting solution can use MDX. That's the reason why a SQL-MDX converter is included within jdbc4olap.

It provides a real virtual star map of any multidimensional data cube, in order to use your favorite SQL-talking reporting tool ! Now, you can access in SQL multi-dimensional data and metadata. See it in action !

Hot news: We are proud to announce you that Jdbc4Olap 1.1 is released. Download it, use it and give us your feedback !

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